Solar lens is NOT an Oakley or Ray Ban product and its not affiliated with them in any way. 
Solar lens DON’T sell complete sunglasses or frames, all frames used in the picture just for illustration purposes, how your sunglasses may look like.
Product picture, please note the picture of the lens taken under studio light, so may look slightly different 
under different light condition.
Solar lens receive the rights to issue full refund if run out of the stock.
customers have 14 days from the date they received the goods to inform you they wish to return them, and then an additional 14 days to physically return the goods

As a responsible seller, we endeavour to resolve any matter or problem as soon as possible. 
Communicating with us directly via the eBay messaging system is how to resolve any issue that may arise. Leaving any neutral or negative feedback before attempting contact will not resolve anything.